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Ram V. Iyer
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“Ram is a powerhouse speaker.”
“One of the best entrepreneurial talks I have been to…”
“Ram educates, entertains and engages the audience.”

Ram V. Iyer
‘The Business Thinker’
‘Immigrant Achiever Mindset’

Immigrant Achiever Playbook

“Listening to Mr. Ram changed my life.”
“Ram speaks passionately from his heart.”
“A gratifying talk and the feedback was solid and

Ram V. Iyer
‘The Business Thinker’
‘Immigrant Achiever Mindset’

Powerhouse Speaker
Life-changing Insights
Practical Advice

Ram V. Iyer
‘The Business Thinker’
‘Immigrant Achiever Mindset’

Become better together – immigrants, migrants & natives
Achieve greater business success – with business thinking & mindset
Achieve more, faster – eliminate the ‘silent killers of success’

Ram V. Iyer
‘The Business Thinker’
‘Immigrant Achiever Mindset’

Dynamic Speaker on Business Success & Immigrant Achiever Mindset

Authentic | Practical | Insightful | Engaging | Unique | Life changing



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(from keynote speaking engagements)

“Your talk was gratifying to our audience and the feedback was solid and aspirational.”

Luis Patino

General Manager, Univision Los Angeles

“Ram is a passionate speaker who speaks from his heart. His talk was intriguing and his insights enlightening – not  obvious to many business people.”

Chris Requena

Founder, Boston New Technology Group

“This was one of the best entrepreneur talks I have been to in a while…”

Jeff Desocio

President, AIMC

“Ram is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. He’s superb at conceptualizing new ideas and business models.”

Richard Guha

Former CEO, Alliant Energy


Ram creates EXPERIENCES – customized for each client and audience.

You can also add written, audio and video content; and, assessments, lead-up emails, workshops and public appearances with keynotes.

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Business Thinking for Entrepreneurs/ Techies/Business people/employees - for Business Success

Successful business people are good business thinkers and successful businesses have an abundance of business thinkers. Whether your audience has entrepreneurs, employees, executives or business owners, each of them could become more valuable, get more interesting work and become more successful. Companies can achieve greater success by fostering a culture of business thinking.

Win in Business & Life with the Successful Immigrant Professional’s

The mindset of highly successful immigrant professionals – like Elon Musk & Sergey Brin – can help individuals, businesses, organizations and countries become more productive and successful. I have distilled insights from immigrant Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, techies and non-techies. I am an immigrant professional who has succeeded and failed with different mindsets.

Transform Your Business with Business Thinking

If you seek to affect change with a group, getting individuals to align with your vision for the business could be challenging. A common reason why transformation efforts fail is the lack of business thinking – clarity of the value provided and received by each individual and several key factors in between. Companies can achieve greater success by fostering a culture of business thinking.

Win in Business & Life by Taming the 'Silent Killers of Success'

Many people fail in business and life because of who they are and what they already have. It is an uncommon perspective from my experiences and the findings of a survey of 320 business people, including 75 multimillionaires. Learn to ‘Win in Business by Taming the Silent Killers of Success’, whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an employee in a business.

Business Thinking Book
Silent Killers of Success


If you are a meeting planner, CEO or department head who wants to improve the performance of your company – with practical insights for success from an experienced business thinker and immigrant – please send us an email, give us a call or click on the button below.


*  Do you have a conference or convention that requires a compelling keynote speaker with practical insights that will inform, educate and engage your audience?

Do you have a senior leadership retreat that needs a speaker who will stimulate the leaders and transform their thinking?

* Do you have an internal meeting or a sales meeting that requires a business thinker who can authoritatively speak about how each person can benefit from becoming more engaged in the business?

Do you have a techie group or conference that could benefit from a techie speaker who has learnt to succeed in business and make a compelling case for how each techie can benefit from his/her techie mindset in a business setting?

If any of these opportunities describe what you are looking form, reach out to us to arrange for Ram Iyer speak at your event. He will speak from personal experience (successes AND failures), firsthand research data and insights. You will not hear regurgitated and worn ‘wisdom’ that has failed to reduce the 70% plus failure rate in decades.

Get practical insights from an MIT graduate with engineering and business degrees who has started 5 companies, worked at Boeing and Lucent, been a VC in Silicon Valley, and interviewed billionaires, millionaires and CEO’s across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. He lost over a million dollars of personal money on a ‘guaranteed to succeed’ business. From his personal successes and failures, Ram Iyer has identified the six pillars for business success (some not addressed with a business school education) and the ‘silent killers of business success’.

* Most entrepreneurs believe the myths and platitudes and “follow the herd” to the 70% failure rate.

* Many never learn to identify and remedy the ‘missing recipe for entrepreneurial success’ or develop the ‘business thinking’ and a ‘business mindset’ necessary for business success. 

* Many get into business but never develop the ‘business mindset’ required for sustained success. 

* Many get into business but never follow a framework (the ‘six pillars of business success’) to acquire/rid and develop knowledge, skills and mindsets. They end up constantly chasing fads without developing the composite for sustained business success.

Ram has validated his insights by surveying 320 business people including 75 multi-millionaires and others not-as-successful (Cronbach alpha of 0.8 for the statistically inclined). His findings are immediately practical and uncommon common sense.

Ram is a passionate speaker who will educate, entertain and engage the audience. 

Reasons Ram Should Speak at your Next Event

  • Provides a total experience for the audience – inspiration, insights and lasting impact.
  • ‘Connects dots’ providing better understanding & practical insights.
  • Speaks from personal experience in startups, small, medium & large companies – and as an immigrant.
  • Distills complicated concepts into simple easy-to-understand language.
  • Addresses the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, communities and nations.
  • Brings insights from his podcast BUSINESS THINKING RADIO- CEOs, thought leaders & experts.
  • Brings insights from interviewing CEOs and business experts across the USA, Germany and Asia.
  • Brings insights from experience in many business functions – engineering, ops, sales, marketing,….
  • Brings personal perspectives from launching 5startups – some successful, some failures.
  • Brings insights into the venture capital industry from having been a VC in Silicon Valley.
  • Brings insights from consulting at client sites in 16 countries.
  • Has been featured and quoted in several publications including MONEY, FORTUNE, CFO Magazine,…
  • Has spoken at many organizations including MIT, Princeton, Univision POSiBLE, NASSCOM, TiE, The Conference Board,…
  • For workshops, Ram administers assessments to all participants and provides before and after scores so business leaders can see the impact of the workshop – unique, practical and results-focused!

Photos from past events

Podcasts By Ram

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The Unique Marshall Goldsmith

by A conversation with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith | Ram V. Iyer on Business Thinking Radio

The Future of Learning

by A conversation with Prof. Sanjay Sarma, Head of Open Learning, MIT | Ram V Iyer on Business Thinking Radio

Podcast Testimonials

“I loved being interviewed by Ram!  He asked incredibly insightful questions. As an added benefit – I learned so much from him during our discussion.  Along with being a great interviewer, he is an amazing thinker!”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

World's #1 Leadership Thinker & Coach

“An interview with Ram is a treat. He asks thoughtful, probing questions and the conversation develops as a real dialogue. I’d sign up to talk with him any time! Business Thinking Radio is one of the great podcasts”

Sally Helgesen

World's Premier Women's Leadership Expert

“The mark of a good interviewer is if the interviewee’s own thinking evolves. Ram’s probing questions definitely helped me —and was fun to boot.”

Prof. Sanjay Sarma

Head of Open Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Ram. I had scheduled twenty minutes but continued for over an hour because his questions were so engaging“

Dr. Ellen Langer

Professor of Psychology, the 'mother of mindfulness' and mindset expert, Harvard University

Smart but… socially challenged?

Do you consider yourself an INTELLECTUAL? If you spend much of your life focused on your smarts, and making sure others know you’re smart… you may be struggling. Are you? You are probably very logical and rational. The world of emotions is spontaneous, often illogical...

An MIT Grad’s Pursuit of Success

My parents were high school teachers, and we were told to focus on education. Dad was the first graduate in his family EVER – got 2 bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Mom was the first woman to finish high school in my Dad’s family. She got 2 bachelor’s and a master’s degrees when 76! Between my 2 sisters & our spouses, we have 14 master’s degrees. We value education.

Do you Value Intellect More than Anything Else (and struggle because of that)?

You may believe that your highest value is you being smart and you see the world through this lens. It could be central in all your activities because all that you heard as you grew up was praise about your smartness, where you graduated from, how brainy you are… When...

Shortcuts To Your Success

As a child growing up, you had many personal experiences. You figured out that crying gets the attention of others, touching fire burns your fingers, a match enables you to start a fire, and more – you learnt much of what works/doesn’t, what you should/shouldn’t do in...

You are Self-made? Really?

We tell ourselves stories… and the more we repeat the stories, they more they become ‘real’ to us. We believe them! We were all born buck-naked. Our minds were like clumps of clay. Who you are today is a result of your upbringing (other people’s influence) and...

“Ram is an amazing thinker!”

– Marshall Goldsmith, World’s #1 Leadership Thinker & Executive Coach


“Yours is one of the most insightful and powerful (let me add ‘important’) messages for the business world.”

– Chuck Reaves, Internationally known Keynote Speaker



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