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Calculate your earnings for the rest of your life

On a beautiful late spring afternoon fifteen years ago, two young people graduated from the same college, both with top notch degrees from a great institution, ambitious and full of spunk. Recently, they had their 15th college reunion.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had two children. And both, it turned out, had started their careers strong, moved around a bit and are gainfully employed. Both of them were enjoying the reunion until they found a difference… a BIG difference. One was much more WEALTHY (accumulated money) than the other. A key factor was the differences in the annual increases in income for the two individuals. 

Can you think of a colleague, classmate, or friend with a similar education and background who is WEALTHIER THAN YOU?

How can you BUILD WEALTH?

Your Wealth depends on how much more you make (and keep) annually until you stop earning.

You can only save, invest or spend the money you make. If you make more money, you have more to save (for retirement, or the ‘rainy day’), invest and enhance your lifestyle. Whatever amount you make today, making a little more every year will make a HUGE difference to your CUMULATIVE income (sum of your income) and wealth in the long run.

Whether you are a business person, employee or investor, let’s look at a simple set of numbers – if you make $100,000 a year right now (you may make more, but stick with this example) and you’re going to work for another 25 years.

  • If you remained average, your income could increase 5% annually, and you’ll cumulatively make $5,111,345 over the next 25 years.
  • On the other hand, if you  get a higher raise – say, 10% annually, you’ll make $10,918,176 over the next 25 years as the power of compounding increases your income. That’s over double!
  • if you earned 20% more annually, you’d make $56,737,729. That’s over 10 times!

So, do you think it’s worthwhile for you to figure out how to increase your annual income by more than just an average percentage? Well, I thought so!

Use the Earnings Calculator below to figure out how much you could earn for the rest of your life… simple, quick and confidential. Learn the power of annual increases!



Below is a calculator you can use to MAKE IT PERSONAL. It is pretty straightforward:

1. Enter your current income

2. Enter how many MORE years you expect to work

3. Enter the estimated AVERAGE ANNUAL RAISE you expect over the next several years

You will get your CUMULATIVE EARNINGS over the remaining years you will work.

Play with the calculator… enter different durations (in years) and different annual raises.

To the RIGHT, you see a comparison table that shows your CUMULATIVE income (for the same number of years of working) for DIFFERENT ANNUAL RAISES.

Current income, $:
How many more years do you want to work:
By what percentage do you expect your income to increase every year?
How much will you earn CUMULATIVELY over the number of years you work?
Yearly increase in income Cumulative earnings in years
0% $2,600,000
5% $5,111,345
10% $10,918,177
15% $24,571,197
20% $56,737,730
25% $131,948,898


I have worked in the business for over 30 years and reached several highs and lows. I have two master’s degrees, one from MIT, a business degree, an extensive network, knowledge and skills, extensive travel, experiences, and constant learning….and enjoy teaching and mentoring people.

I’ll tell you what you need (not want) to hear – fluff-free, straight talk.

Like many of you, I’ve had successes and failures in life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on well-known personal development ‘gurus’ (whom you have probably paid as well!). I had one significant failure that almost bankrupted me. I spent years introspecting, talking to friends, personal development ‘gurus,’ and accomplished people to figure out why I had failed. Then, it dawned on me. I realized that I WAS THE OBSTACLE – I was impeding my own success – because of my ‘silent killers of success’. I set out to identify, understand, and ‘eliminate’ them. I then realized that millions of others have many of the same ‘silent killers of success’ – even very intelligent, smart, and successful people. I can help you identify some of your ‘silent killers of success’.

I have reinvented myself many times. MONEY magazine, in a two-page spread, called me “The Comeback Kid”  because I’d successfully reinvented myself repeatedly.

I figured out how all of us can make more money – by developing a business mindset and business thinking – whether you are an employer, employee or investor. I can teach you how to MAKE MORE MONEY.

After interviewing 120 professionals from 40 countries for a book I’m writing, I reflected on how I became ‘The Comeback Kid’, … and figured out how to ‘become unstoppable’ when faced with uncertainty and setbacks – becoming better whether I had individual successes or failures (antifragile). I can teach you how to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE! 

I then reflected, researched and figured out why many smart people do not achieve the level of success they expect – and how they can become more successful. I can help many of you smart people figure out WHY you are not as successful as you could be. I can teach you how to BECOME SMARTER & MORE SUCCESSFUL.