REINVENT & ALIGN YOURSELF with ‘who you are’ and

– become an achiever among your classmates, peers, friends, family and competitors…

 53% of unsuccessful people are not doing things that are aligned with ‘who they are’ – Who they are is misaligned with what they do. Some have the money they once desired, others have the power and titles they once desired, but… they are unhappy.

Happiness a combination of enjoyment of your life, satisfaction with your accomplishments, and finding meaning in your life. Each one of these can be kind of a pursuit in and of itself.

Are you happy in your career?
Are you successful in your current career?

If not, you could be among the 53%.

They say comparison is the thief of joy, but we just can’t help ourselves, can we?

Are you seeing some people earning more, living better, and leading the kind of life you want to be leading? Are you wondering, “What do I need to do to?”

I wondered too, as to what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives. Why have some people with the same education achieved vastly different levels of success? It is NOT native intelligence, talent, or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and the other does not. The successful people have REinvented themselves… and are reaping the rewards. They:

  1. have a high awareness of their mindset, skills, and capabilities.
  2. have set clear and measurable goals, and live very intentionally
  3. have become enormously confident(self-assured) by becoming more antifragile – they become better every time, whether they succeeded or failed in a project/venture.
  4. have identified and mitigated the barriers within and around themselves that were holding them back – some were disempowering mindset elements (disablers) that each of them possessed, and others are what I call the ‘Silent Killers of Success’.
  5. have developed a business mindset – a set of beliefs and rules that evaluated and capitalized on opportunities for maximum monetary gain, acquired more enabling mindset elements, and got rid of disabling elements.
  6. have developed business thinking – a systematic way of evaluating the exchange of value to maximize personal compensation.

They are more successful than the average person – whether in terms of money, position, power, happiness, satisfaction…


* You are fed up with watching people with the same credentials and ambition prospering.

* You feel like you are stuck on a treadmill – constantly working hard, but not moving forward.

* You feel something is holding you back, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

* You see others choosing the ‘right way’ to become more successful, but you haven’t figured out the right way for you.

* You know something needs to change, but don’t know what to change or where to start.

* You know that if someone showed you the way, you could make it happen.

* You seek a credible guide and a mentor who can teach you from experience – somebody who has figured out how to become MORE successful.

* You see a colleague, classmate, or friend with a similar education and background who’s MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU.

* You envy the capabilities, knowledge, successes and achievements of other people.

What’s the secret to truly maximizing your potential and BECOMING MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL?

How can you become the best version of yourself everyday… and become an achiever among your classmates, friends, peers, family, competitors…?


Do you know somebody who has REinvented him/herself and is prospering?

Who is helping you identify the typical ‘mistakes’ that many smart people like you make (repeatedly)? Remember, you can’t fix unless you know what needs fixing!

Do you know how to learn from your failures and successes – become better and more confident with each experience?

Who has the guts and credibility to tell you what you NEED to hear (not pander to you and perpetuate your disabling behavior, and continued failures)? Do you really want to have a ‘rude awakening’ years or decades later?

The sooner you REinvent yourself, the sooner you will become more successful… and achieve your personal greatness – become an achiever among your classmates, friends, peers, family,  colleagues, competitors,…

* You know you need to REinvent yourself BUT don’t know who you should turn to, or where to start???


I have REinvented myself several times – from mechanical engineer to underwater robotics engineer to mobile robotics engineer to assembly robotics engineer to marketer and strategist to venture capitalist to 5-time entrepreneur in a variety of fields.

I have interviewed over a hundred achievers and non-achievers – recent graduates, Nobel Prize winners,  CEOs of companies, successful business people… and identified some key differences between achievers and non-achievers.

You don’t have to wait for several years or decades to become more successful.

You don’t strike me as the kind of person who wants to wait decades… You are ALREADY HERE ON THIS PAGE.

This graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can show you exactly how to REinvent yourself to become more successful.

I will teach you strategies and techniques that you can apply right away to REinvent yourself and BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL – become an achiever among your classmates, colleagues, friends, peers, family, competitors…


I will use a series of conversations and writing prompts to unearth your key capabilities that will inform your immediate, short, medium and long-term goals, and be used on your resume. I will also use a series of unique assessments, worksheets, journaling and interviews that will glean your unique capabilities and mindset. At the end, you will have much greater personal clarity about yourself, your short, medium and long-term professional objectives, the confidence to target prospective employers, and the information for your job interviews.

The approach is different than what almost all career counselors take, and provides a bespoken set of outcomes. I combine psychology, assessments, personal interviews, and reflection to create a composite of who you are (past and present). You will find out a lot about yourself by looking back on your life – understand your mindset, what drives you, identify key skills you’ve developed, etc. We then combine those by looking forward – immediate, medium-term and long-term – to draft a career narrative and a resume that will position you very competitively in the marketplace. This will include research of target industry verticals, some companies and possible positions. Who you seek to become and what you seek to do will be aligned with who you are.

The outcomes will include

  1. the identification of disablers and enablers
  2. your career narrative, which will include your short, medium and long-term career objectives, and
  3. a resume that is aligned with your career objectives.

P.S. I can also help you identify your career mindset – WHY you do what you do (additional fee)

Key assessments used will include:

  1. Identification of typical challenges that may be holding you back from greater success.
  2. Identification of the ‘silent killers of money-making success’ that may be preventing you from becoming more successful, and making more money.
  3. Identification of the general ‘silent killers of success’ that may be preventing your greater success.

Key Deliverables:

  1. A career narrative that will help you internalize the career path you want to pursue. It will also be very useful when potential employers ask you to describe your past, your strengths and weaknesses, your capabilities, why you want to target a particular industry sector or company, etc.
  2. Ideas on possible industries to target with the rationale.
  3. A resume that reflects your past accomplishments, that are aligned with who you are and what a target industry or prospective employer may seek.


Working with Ram was one of the best decisions I ever made. He really cared that I achieve my goals. He is a great coach. Working with him was a difference maker and was absolutely worth the investment.

- R.P.

I have a ton to write about Ram, he is been such a great coach and human being. He made me to connect with my life more deeply. He made me believe in myself. Just like my own brother and father did, he gave me great constructive feedback to improve myself that shows how much he cared for me.

- H.S.

Ram is somebody who really wants to help you succeed in life. He constantly pushed me to dig deeper, introspect and reflect, so that I could understand myself better. He kept nudging me in the right direction so that I could come up with the answers myself and own them. He is also someone who doesn’t want to settle for anything but the best.

- S.N.

Ram’s quick-witted mentality and empathy allowed him to get to know me much better than anyone else has ever done in such a short time span. He is a good listener, capable of learning and understanding anything and then articulating it in simple terms.

- J.V.

Ram is honest, compassionate, and 100% committed to your success (not only for the program, but in life)! He has consistently encouraged me to be more reflective and introspective. Ram will encourage you to explore different perspectives and continue to dig deeper.


Ram told me that this process would ultimately make me a better person – I truly believe that this was actually the case. I learnt a lot about myself in the process and I now am more confident about my professional goals.


Ram challenged me to always push myself harder and reflect deeper to develop authentic, vulnerable, and compelling career narrative that I believed and owned.

- N.N

Ram’s advice changed my life.




– S.K.


I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) but did not achieve the sustained success I thought I deserved.

Both my parents were high school teachers, and we were told to focus on education. Dad was the first graduate in his entire family EVER. He got two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. Mom was the first woman who graduated from college in my father’s side of the family. She went on to get two bachelor’s degrees, and then got a master’s degree at the age of 76! Between my two sisters and our spouses, we have 14 master’s degrees.

But, I was the first in the family to travel overseas for higher education, and the only one in the family who had graduated from an elite institution – MIT. To my father and my family and friends, I could do no wrong. So, when I figured I needed some help, I had nobody to turn to. I was surrounded by people who thought I needed no help! So, I had to look outside the family for  role models, coaches and mentors – and for answers for ‘what was holding me back’. That was NOT EASY.

I became a voracious reader, watched numerous videos, attended conferences and personal development classes,… and made some progress. I found many of the ‘gurus’ teaching the theory of success, but few helped me implement the theory. I was still left wanting.

One day, I was with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, my friend and mentor, at his apartment in Manhattan. I was telling him that something was preventing my greater success. He suggested that I interview other immigrants like myself and see if there was a difference between the achievers and the non-achievers. He also encouraged me to introspect. So, I interviewed over a hundred achievers and non-achievers – from recent graduates, to Nobel Prize winners and CEOs of companies. And, I interviewed wealthy people and people who were actually making lots of money, researched the topic in great detail, read numerous books and articles, watched numerous videos, and gave it some deep thought. I found that there are stark differences between achievers and non-achievers. Here are some things I found:

1. The achievers were were highly self-aware – of their enablers and disablers

2. They lead intentional lives.

3. They had a supportive ‘tribe’ of achievers, and people who were their ‘truth-tellers’.

I have several assessments I shall have you take that will help you identify additional enablers and disablers.

You are already SMART & CAPABLE, but… your disablers may be holding you back.

I distilled my learnings into a simple framework that anybody can follow – the iCLIMB Success framework. It includes taking stock of your current self; identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your enablers and disablers; and more – details in the Master Class.

Will you be wise and sign up right away or wait until your 25thyear class reunion to regret your inaction?

Whatever your profession, developing an empowering mindset and behaviors with a group of like-minded people, your intentional and antifragile living, and my mentoring will enable you to become an achiever among your colleagues, friends, classmates, family, peers, competitors,…

The difference is the iSmartANDSuccessful Master Class – figuring out how to overcome your barriers, leveraging your strengths, and becoming better every year on your journey to achieving your personal greatness.

You’ll also become a very different person… somebody whom your co-workers, customers, partners, family and community members will value and respect more. Who would you rather be – the average Joe or plain Jane OR the Achiever-you?

You are Smart…

I’m not going to feed you any of the marketing spiel that the ‘gurus’ dish out.

  • I will get you to take pre-assessments to give you an idea of where you currently stand – enablers, disablers, etc.
  • I will help you identify the barriers within and around you and provide guidance, worksheets and tools on how to mitigate them, in two packed days.
  • I will help you develop a plan on how you will use your learning in your life right away – taking the first steps right during the Master Class.

If not, keep reading..

What makes the difference between the high income earners, and the average income earners?

Have you wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? Why do smart people with the same education make vastly different amounts of money? It isn’t native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants success and earns more and the other does not. The difference lies in whether each person...

1. set monetary goals, lived very intentionally, and became enormously confident by becoming more antifragile.

2. identified and mitigated the barriers within and around themselves, that were preventing them from making more money. Some of them were disempowering mindset elements that each of them possessed, and others are what I call the ‘Silent Killers of Money-Making Success’.

3. developed a business mindset, a set of beliefs and rules that evaluated and capitalized opportunities for maximum monetary gain – acquired more enabling ones and got rid of disabling ones.

4. developed business thinking, a systematic way of evaluating the exchange of value to maximize personal compensation.

Not even top business schools teach you how to develop a ‘business mindset’. Many of them are schools of management (go look at the names of the top 20 b-schools) which produce managers for large businesses (most MBA graduates go on to work for large businesses or management consulting firms). Some people pick up a ‘business mindset’ from their business families and friends, and others from their mentors. Yet others, stumble upon it after years of experience. Unfortunately, most do not... because they don't know what it is (they only know the outcomes of having it), not how to develop it.

Business schools give you the functional elements of business thinking, but don’t give you the business thinking process… you have to ‘connect the dots’ yourself.

And antifragility,… most schools don’t even know about it.

Success bias is rampant in society and at universities and places of work... they hold up their success stories (and hide the unsuccessful ones), leading most people to believe that success is easy to achieve (success bias), by being just who they are (without the need to change much). And then, people have a ‘rude awakening’, years or decades later.

Who is helping you develop business thinking, a business mindset and antifragility? Wouldn’t it be a difference-maker if you picked up business thinking, and a business mindset? And if you learned how to become more antifragile? If you learn these earlier in life, you’ll make a lot more money over your lifetime, and become truly wealthy.


I have worked in the business for over 30 years and reached several highs and lows. I have two master’s degrees, one from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a business degree, an extensive network, knowledge and skills, extensive travel, experiences, and constant learning….and enjoy teaching and mentoring people.

I’ll tell you what you need (not want) to hear – fluff-free, straight talk.

Like many of you, I’ve had successes and failures in life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on well-known personal development ‘gurus’ (whom you have probably paid as well!). I had one significant failure that almost bankrupted me. I spent years introspecting, talking to friends, personal development ‘gurus’, and accomplished people to figure out why I had failed. Then, it dawned on me. I realized that I WAS THE OBSTACLE – I was impeding my own success – because of my ‘silent killers of success’. I set out to identify, understand and ‘eliminate’ them. I then realized that millions of others have many of the same ‘silent killers of success’ – even very intelligent, smart, and successful people. I can help you identify some of your ‘silent killers of success’.

I have reinvented myself many times. MONEY magazine, in a two-page spread, called me “The Comeback Kid”  because I’d successfully reinvented myself repeatedly.

After interviewing 120 professionals from 40 countries for a book I’m writing, I reflected on how I became ‘The Comeback Kid’, … and figured out how to ‘become unstoppable’ when faced with uncertainty and setbacks – becoming better whether I had individual successes or failures (antifragile). I can teach you how to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE! Look in the menu under PROGRAMS.

I also figured out how all of us can make more money – by developing a business mindset and business thinking – whether you are an employer, employee or investor – look in the menu under PROGRAMS. I can teach you how to MAKE MORE MONEY.

I then reflected, researched and figured out why many smart people do not achieve the level of success they expect – and how they can become more successful. I can help many of you smart people figure out WHY you are not as successful as you could be – look in the menu under PROGRAMS. I can teach you how to BECOME SMART AND SUCCESSFUL


Most people don’t have a clue about why they’re successful. They are one-hit wonders – they succeed once and never succeed again.

They never figure out their personal ‘success recipe’. So, when they try something new (expecting to succeed again)… many of them end up falling flat on their face! I know… I did too!

Successful people are different… they know how to be successful repeatedly and consistently. Ask Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, or Jeff Bezos… and they’ll tell you their success wasn’t accidental — it was purposeful.   Not only that… they’ve been able to do it over, and over, and over again – leading to spectacular successes and achieving their personal greatness.

What’s the secret that makes such people repeatedly successful… while many of the rest of us just get by, or fail (repeatedly)?

If I told you it was their ability to learn from both their failures AND successeswould you understand what I meant?

This is a difficult concept to grasp because most people aren’t asking the right questions…

Are you taking credit for your successes and looking for someone else to blame for your failures?

If so, you’re asking the wrong questions… and only seeking easy answers that will make you feel good in the moment (but leave you wondering).

Many people believe they’ve learned from their failures…but continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

So not realizing it… when you fail, are you blaming… bad luck… the time of year… your mother-in-law… or one of a thousand other external factors?

If so, it’s not your fault….  These are subtle hidden issues… most of us aren’t aware of.

But Musk, Buffett, and Bezos on the other hand will ask questions that will allow them to understand WHY THEY’VE FAILED… without blaming or scapegoating external factors.

And so instead of asking, “     How can Amazon be successful in this business?”  Jeff Bezos might ask, “What could we do… or what did we do that made this business fail?”

And he’d put together a list of answers… Much like a RECIPE, so he’ll know which actions to never undertake and always avoid.

Bezos might then ask a similar question to reveal what they have that’s allowing them to succeed.

These questions include ones about himself – personal enablers and disablers.

After that, every time Bezos made another business decision… he’d consult his ‘success and failure’ recipes… and made sure he did (or didn’t) do those things again.

And each new project he undertakes means he knows what NOT to do… and succeeds more often than most other people. Think about it….if you failed less often, you’ll be more successful more often… with each repeated success you’ll build momentum and BECOME…. well, A SUCCESSFUL PERSON.

The secret is knowing… HOW to frame the situation and WHAT questions to ask.

And that’s where Ram’s years of research and exploration can give you a leg up.

Imagine how much easier it will be to have an ‘insightful worksheet’ to help you compile your own personal recipes – your ‘Success Recipes’ and ‘Failure Recipes’.

And not only that… we’ve also simplified the process by including a ‘Why did I?’ worksheet that can help you discover why you did something. Have you wondered about that many many times?

I have to admit this business of failing and succeeding sounds simple enough… except if you want to truly be unstoppable… you’re going to need to have all your ducks lined up so you can make money repeatedly and consistently… for the rest of your life.


The way we see it, you have three options.

Option #1:

You leave this page…  or get up from your computer and ignore EVERYTHING I’ve just told you.

Do absolutely nothing… and keep on doing what you’re doing right now.

Go back to your OLD LIFE that’s had you feeling helpless and out of control. When you know you can change your career… your business… or your financial life… with just a few mouse clicks…

But for a moment, IMAGINE what your life will be like 5 or 10 years from now – AT YOUR NEXT REUNION. Do you want to be looking back to this time and ‘kicking yourself’ for not taking action.

Imagine, how awkward it’s going to be to hanging out with seeing your classmates, friends or colleagues who attended the Master Class… who are thriving, while you are wondering… “Where would I be right now if I’d taken the class?”

Are you still in the same job, struggling with the same business… trying to solve the same issues that never seem to go away… and wondering how to make more money?

But if you’d like to UP YOUR GAME… you have two other options.

Option #2:

Do it yourself.

Working with all the materials and insights you’ve learned from all the other personal development gurus, courses and books… you’re hoping that the ones you’ve picked go deep enough… even though they haven’t gotten you as far as you’d like.

Or you’re thinking, the knowledge Ram has acquired is out there… and if I work hard, I’ll discover it…. despite the fact that it took Ram years of searching… and more study and experimentation… over and over until he eventually figured it out.

Do you have the time, resources, and persistence to sustain such a quest? How much money will you miss making while you are on such a quest?

Good luck if you want to go that route.

Option #3:

Let us do the heavy lifting.

We’ve done the work so you can work less … and loving it.

And realizing the iReinvented Master Class is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself.

You’ll be taking advantage of the many years of experience and knowledge we have to share.

You can be one of the smart ones who recognizes something fantastic when you see it… who gets to make more money for the rest of your life.

We have done the hours and hours of work needed to get to know the territory… and have become expert guides… simplifying the process… developed the tools, templates and exercises… and developed a system… making it easy for you to learn and apply it to your life.

Not only will you be solving some of the most difficult issues you’ve had to wrestle with… but you’ll be able to share your new knowledge with loved ones and friends… becoming a treasured resource and inspiration to others.

So, grab your spot while it’s still available… all you have to do is Click The “SIGN ME UP” button below.

And fasten your seat-belt, because you’re in for the best ride of your life.

One-on-One OPTION

iREinvented – One-on-One 

These sessions will be CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU – based on the enablers, disablers and medium-impact factors, discuss them, leverage the worksheets and follow-ups.


If you are interested in fast-tracking your life and achieving your personal greatness, please… 

Answer a few questions about yourself

(all fields are REQUIRED – I need to get to know you, it’s personal; I won’t share your responses with any third parties)

    1. Are you content with your current level of success?
    Yes, I’m very happyMostly happyMostly unhappyNo, I’m very unhappy

    2. Do you believe you can become better professionally and personally?
    YesYes, there are some areas for improvementNo, I’m largely setNo, I am already the best I can beI want to become better and better, and more successful all my life

    3. What do you believe is the biggest lever you control for your personal success?
    I am the pedigree (education, money, connections,..)Purchase more tools and technologyHire consultants to give adviceWork harderImprove my own mindset continually

    4. What are your biggest challenges as you look ahead in life?
    I am very intelligent but not as successful as I think I should beI can't make sense of what is going on around me todayI do not have clear goalsI know what I want to achieve but don't know howI don't have a coach or mentor to guide meI don't have a support system to help me achieve my goalsI am unhappy with my job but unsure about what to do nextI am unemployed but unsure about what to do nextI am determined to achieve my personal greatness. I need help!

    5. How serious are you about 'solving' the issues you just listed?
    I'm just kicking the tiresI'm kind of serious but can get easily distractedI am serious. I want results by the end of this MastermindI am dead serious. I am committed to doing whatever it takes and however long it takes to achieve my goals.Local/Native

    6. What is your profession?
    I am a business ownerI work for a businessI am an entrepreneurI am currently unemployedI work for a non-profitOtherI am not a professional






    Many thanks for your time. We will get back to you within a day.