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Our guest, Ram Iyer, Founder & CEO of the Business Thinking Institute has done extensive research and knows what behaviors are getting in the way of your success. He is an entrepreneur who learned the hard way and will be sharing his invaluable experience. Join us for this powerful discussion. You need business thinking for business success. Additionally, before you go off and acquire a number of new skills, you must ensure that you do not have any of the ‘silent killers of success’.

Ram Iyer with........

by Dr. Linda Sharkey & Morag Barrett | Future-proof Radio

Ram is a former Fortune 100 executive, 5-time entrepreneur, Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and MIT graduate with master’s degrees in engineering and business. He is the President of The Business Thinking Institute in Princeton. From experience, research and analysis, he has developed powerful and practical insights to improve personal and business performance. He is a straight-shooter who will help you make better choices, save time and avoid heartache – as an entrepreneur, franchisee, employee, leader or business owner. He is a thinker, coach, mentor and public speaker.

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Ram Iyer with........

by Michael Yorba | Future-proof Radio