You are an entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur-wannabe. You know a lot, and will learn more and more as you build your startup, or build new startups. You may have gone to business school, or taken a few classes on entrepreneurship; you may even be in a workspace with other entrepreneurs or at an incubator. The courses teach you about the different aspects of starting and growing your venture. But…very few of them work on YOU and your team – to teach you about the approaches to making money (after all, a business has to generate revenues and profits to be viable), the mindset you need to make money, and the process (business thinking) of making money. Play this game, get your team to play this game and equip each individual to become more successful in making your startup a great success.

EVERYBODY can make more money. Yes, you read it correctly – EVERYBODY. But, as with anything in life… if you want certain outcomes, you have to become a certain kind of person, do certain things, have a certain mindset, think a certain way, follow a certain process and system… ALL OF THESE CAN BE LEARNT!

There are many ways of making money, but what you learn by playing this game will help in many many-making situations.

Repeatedly playing this game will teach you about the mindset required to make money, the thinking and process that is effective to make money, the ‘learning from doing’ that will help you make more money, the interactions (or avoidance) with other players that could enable you to make money, the business judgment you need to keep improving, and more…

EVERY TIME you play the game, you will learn something new – a new belief you need to embrace (or get rid of), a new rule-of-thumb you could use (if you want to), the different necessary steps in business thinking, different ways of dealing with unexpected events (favorable and unfavorable), opportunities to leverage the circumstances (favorable and unfavorable) of other players… all to help you MAKE MORE MONEY.

Playing this game repeatedly is like practicing before a big game or event – the more you practice, the more you’ll learn, and the better you’ll get. So, when you see opportunities to make money, in  your business, or at work, you will be more prepared.

If you are committed to making more money, this game will teach you each of those, how to avoid mistakes that will prevent you from making more money, and how to make more money consistently and repeatedly… for the rest of your life.



  1. Gamifies knowledge about different world views about making money.
  2. Identifies disabling mindsets (beliefs, values, principles, rules…) about making money and building wealth.
  3. Reinforces enabling mindsets (beliefs, values, principles, rules…) about making money and building wealth.
  4. Reinforces the importance of continuous learning, and skill enhancement – to improve one’s value over one’s lifetime, making more money and building wealth.
  5. Teaches players the abundance mindset about money.
  6. Teaches players to assess their value and how to enhance it.
  7. Teaches players when and whom to partner with.
  8. Enables players to learn business thinking.
  9. Enables players to learn & leverage money-making wisdom.
  10. Provides opportunities to practice & improve one’s business judgment.
  11. Enables players to make money consistently and repeatedly.
  12. Most importantly, it encourages people to become more valuable and provide fair value for compensation, setting off a virtuous positive cycle that creates more value for the world, and increases compensation for everybody who practices it – GROW THE PIE FOR EVERYBODY!


Game Elements

You play an online boardgame with upto 4 other players – start at the bottom of the board and get to the top of the board with the most money wins.

Tiles with paths that depend on the money-making approach you choose.

Cards you draw when playing the game simulate real situations you may encounter.

You play with life-like currency bills – iMoney – so you can keep score. Money is what


Coming soon… other versions of the game

(which is best for you depends on who you are)


You lead people to make your organization successful. Whether you work for a public or privately-held company, you could benefit from honing your approach to making money, your mindset and business thinking.


You own the business. Along with that come numerous responsibilities, including developing an enabling approach to business, an enabling business mindset, and business thinking.


Even as an employee you are in business – exchanging your knowledge, skills and time for compensation. Improving your approach, money mindset and business thinking can make you more valuable, and make more money.


Women are ‘wired’ differently – possessing innate strengths and nuances brought about by upbringing and society. As a woman, you could benefit from honing your approach, mindset and business thinking to be more successful in business, and make more money.


As an individual, you could earn more money and accumulate wealth by honing your approach, mindset and business thinking to making money.


Immigrants come from many parts of the world but have certain innate strengths and nuances from your upbringing and immigration experience. You could benefit from honing your approach, mindset and business thinking to be more successful in business, and make more money.


You are an excellent freelancer – in your skills. Your customers are happy, and you get great feedback. But, most freelancers never got business training or have a business mindset. Play this game to build a better business making more money!



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