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Whether you are an immigrant, migrant, local or native, learn how embracing the mindset of successful immigrant achievers can make you more successful.

This book is the distillation of over 100 interviews from 40 countries, some achievers and others not (by their own definition), resulting in a playbook of the achievers. It turns out that the immigrant achievers think and act differently; and, they have a different mindset (beliefs, rules and assumptions about themselves and the world around them). If you embrace one (or more) elements from the playbook, you can become more successful.

Ram Iyer is a professional who emigrated from India to the United States and was named ‘The Comeback Kid’ by Money magazine. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the world’s top-ranked executive coach and leadership thinker who has published 43 books. Between Ram and Marshall, they provide first-hand insights of successful immigrant professionals and how you can embrace many aspects of their playbook for success to become more successful – whether as individuals, businesses, communities or nations; or as natives, in-country migrants or immigrants.

America is the grandest experiment in building a nation of immigrants.

Some of the most successful individuals in this country are first generation immigrants – people born outside the United States who now call America home. They range from Elon Musk to the CEOs of Google and Microsoft and numerous Nobel Prize winners. In this upcoming book, we profile 50 immigrant achievers and their personal stories, which we hope will be an inspiration to you.

Achieve greater success in business and life (and make more money) by developing and practicing business thinking.

The shortest path for many people to raise their standard of living is business. To succeed in business, you must think differently – you need ‘business thinking’. It is a way of evaluating interactions as an exchange of value for money. Imagine a world in which everybody is trying to figure out what people’s challenges are, how they can ‘solve’ them (add value) and ensure that they get compensated for the value provided. The problems of the world would drop and the prosperity would rise. Everybody can develop business thinking – triggered by a series of questions that one must answer to figure out how you can provide value to a person with a problem or need, and receive compensation in return, and many steps and factors in between.

Identify the ‘silent killers of success’ within and around you, and how you can eliminate or manage them to become more successful.

I thought that the key to greater success for me were the things I was lacking and were outside me (more education, more capital, better connections, etc.). What I found was that my greater success was frequently prevented by things within and around me – the silent killers of my success. Many of them are of our own doing. Some of these silent killers of success created instant failure while others created slow and certain failure. It does not matter whether you are just starting out or consider yourself very successful, this silent killer could derail your success.

Most people spend years or an entire lifetime figuring out how to succeed. This book identifies some key ‘silent killers of success’ – validated by a survey of 75 multi-millionaires and 300 others who were less successful. You will also get access to a self-assessment which will help you identify your ‘silent killers’. You will also learn about how you can tackle each of them, along with insightful examples of people who faced these silent killers and how they overcame (or not) them.