Most people WANT greater success. Dreaming of success is easy… EVERYBODY can dream. Achieving it another matter…

Few people SEEK success (it is easier to continue living the way you do, rather than embark on a quest for success). For example, you may want to lose 20 lbs, but… it is easier to continue eating whatever you want, drinking all you want, sleeping in until whenever, etc.

Fewer people LEARN about success –    acquire the knowledge required to succeed. You know that to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more, and you learn the specific ways to do both. Few people spend the time to learn them…

Most of these few people skim articles or read books (most simply end up on the bookshelf or in a pile) about how to become successful. When people do seek to learn, many simply skim articles, videos or book. As a result, they’re attracted to clickbait headlines but lack the detailed knowledge. Most never dedicate themselves to learning how to succeed.

Few people bridge the knowing-doing gap… they may know how to become more successful, but do little (or nothing) with that knowledge. Know anybody like that?

Fewer still live intentionally – do what they set out to do, and do it very intentionally every day (not just when it’s convenient). They constantly chase after new ideas, and do what is easier to do. You know that candy, pizza and soda are bad for you but consume them anyway.

Some do live intentionally but do not persist. It is  lot like making a new year’s resolution to go to the gym, buying the gym membership January 1st and stop by February 1st. No wonder February 1st is called National Quitting Day!

What can you do to achieve greater success? What is your obstacle to achieving greater success?