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There are three ways you can have a LOT OF MONEY by the time you stop working:
1.    Make lots of money every year (income) – Increase your earning potential
2.    Make more money each year than the last year – Increase your earning potential every year for the rest of your life + investing
3.    Work longer – for more years
Depending on how old you are, #3 may be a small number (number of working years left) that you have little control over. You can definitely control how much money you make this year, and how much more money you can make every year after (income + your annual raises).

You can only save, invest or spend (or avoid spending) the money you make. If you make more money, you have more to save (for retirement, or the ‘rainy day’), invest and enhance your lifestyle.
Whatever amount you make today, making a little (or a lot) more every year (your raise) will make a HUGE difference to your CUMULATIVE income (sum of your income) and wealth in the long run – the power of compounding money. The difference in lifetime earnings can be DRAMATIC if you increase your annual raise (how much more you make every additional year).

Whether you are a business person, employee or investor, let’s look at a simple set of numbers – if you make $100,000 a year right now (you may make more, but stick with this example) and you’re going to work for another 25 years.

If you remained average, your income could increase 5% annually, and you’ll cumulatively make $5,111,345 over the next 25 years.
On the other hand, if you develop business thinking and develop a business mindset, you could get a higher raise – say, 10% annually, you’ll make $10,918,176 over the next 25 years as the power of compounding increases your income. That’s over double!
if you earned 20% more annually, you’ll make $56,737,729. That’s over 10 times!

I teach the ‘iMakeMoreMoney Master Class’ where I’ll work with you personally and TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY, AND GET BIGGER ANNUAL INCREASES (raises) CONSISTENTLY AND REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU RETIRE.

I’m not a one-trick pony. Coming soon:
–        ‘Make More Money with Business Thinking’ book.
–        online (and board) game iRICH which will teach you the concepts of making more money every time you play it.
–        For businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers – ‘Business Thinksheets’ tool to develop money-making discipline.

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