Like most people I was enamored with ‘secrets’. I’ve clicked on articles, videos, podcasts and talks when the headline offered SECRETS. For example, the ‘secrets’ to making more money. Secrets, really? Money is a unit of value exchanged between two parties. Humans have been exchanging value forever… Secret? Nah… Ignorance? Yes!


Success (and failure) leave clues. If you study the clues, you’ll learn how to make money, and how to avoid losing money. Fair enough.


Now, why do you think somebody else has figured out the ‘secrets to making more money’, and you don’t know the ‘secrets’? Well, simple. One, it is NOT A SECRET. It is often common sense and obvious. It is also because of personal ignorance – we are often unwilling to seek answers to what we want. We humans are lazy. We want somebody to ‘hand it to us’. We also often think that others revealing the ‘secret’ validates that method for making money. Why? We often don’t trust ourselves!


Why didn’t you see the ‘secret’ yourself, given it is often common sense, and is ‘hiding in plain sight’? Well, the answer to that is simple too… we are colored by our mindset – the filters (beliefs, rules, principles, values…) each of us use to give meaning to the world around us. Why do some people see money-making opportunities everywhere they look, while you may not? Well, it’s their mindset.


Guess what? You too can learn and develop a money-making mindset (if that is your interest). The obstacle there is often laziness, and the need for instant gratification. Nobody became a millionaire or billionaire in the blink of an eye.


“Secrets to Success are often EDUCATION and SMARTS.”


If your obstacle is finding a knowledgeable mentor or coach, I can assist you.


I can teach you the SMARTS for doing many things, including how to make more money. I’m a straight-talking MIT grad. I will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. Some of the smarts I teach are easy and quick-to-results, others are not.


Click the link below to visit my website – see many programs where you can learn the smarts to become more successful – an achiever among your peers, friends, family, colleagues, competitors, classmates…



Next time you’re about to click on something that offers you SECRETS TO…, STOP! Hold on to your money and save your time!


If you want to become an achiever, stop wasting your time looking for ‘secrets’, instead focus on finding and learning the smarts.


“If you don’t like the outcomes in your life, stop wasting your time looking for ‘secrets’, instead educate yourself and learn the smarts.”


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