Intelligence is often viewed as the ultimate indicator of potential success. However, raw intelligence alone is not enough to ensure success in life. Smartness, the ability to apply intelligence effectively in various contexts, is just as important. In fact, smartness is essential for achieving success in all aspects of life. In a recent poll on LinkedIn, I asked whether intelligence or smartness is more important for success. Of the 93 respondents with varying backgrounds, 13% chose intelligence, while 31% thought that intelligence and smartness were the same – these two groups (44%) apparently rely on their innate intelligence to achieve greater success. 29% of the respondents said that factors other than intelligence and smartness lead to greater success – they don’t recognize the importance of smartness. Only 27% believe that smartness is more important to their success. This last group, among the 93 respondents, will probably be the most successful. Intelligence is innate, and it enables us to learn, make connections, and expand our knowledge. However, we also learn how to apply our intelligence to different situations to become smarter throughout our lives. It is a multifaceted concept that encompasses a range of skills and abilities, and includes emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking. Smart people are not just intelligent; they are also able to use their intelligence effectively in different situations, making them more successful in their personal and professional lives – smartness is contextually applied intelligence. Furthermore, smartness is essential for adaptability. In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt and learn new skills is critical for success. Smart individuals are able to quickly adapt to new situations and challenges, making them more successful in their careers and personal lives. While intelligence can be measured through IQ tests, smartness cannot be quantified. It is reflected in the actions and outcomes of a person, such as a good doctor’s successful patient outcomes or a programmer’s efficient software code. If you are still leaning primarily on your academic credentials from years ago, or your IQ score, you are likely to have limited success. Fortunately, unlike intelligence, we can enhance our smartness through practice and learning from experience. By becoming increasingly smarter in our chosen field, we can achieve greater success, regardless of our academic background. In conclusion, while intelligence is essential, the application of that intelligence, or smartness, is crucial for success. If you want to learn how you can become smarter, message me. I’m an MIT graduate who figured it out the hard way.   #intelligence #smartness #smart #success #ismartandsuccessful #iyer #mitramiyer