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Ram will bring:

  • A Windows laptop which works with common projectors.
  • Power Point slides of his presentation configured in a 4:3 format. If you require a 16:9 format, please notify him at least one week in advance of the event.
  • A jump drive containing his presentation and related materials.

Please arrange the following:

  • AC Power within six feet of the computer and a small, sturdy table to place the computer (if we are using Ram’s laptop). The table with his laptop should be easily accessible to him during the presentation.
  • A clip-on tie wireless lavalier microphone or an ear piece with belt pack (with fresh and extra batteries). If the audience is fewer than 50 people, he does not need a microphone.
  • A projection system and VGA cable for his laptop. He typically presents with the room lights on.
  • A projection screen. If you can choose its placement, please place it in the front corner of the room, stage right (which is to the left of the audience facing the stage).
  • Some large meetings are served by iMag which projects the image of a speaker on several large screens. Please ensure that one screen closest to Ram only projects only his slides.
  • Please have a spare laptop available as a second backup. If Ram uses your laptop, please make sure that it is already integrated with the projection system with a clicker. Please ensure that the laptop has at least two USB ports and has sound and video cards to play video and sound clips.
  • If Ram is speaking right after a meal, please arrange for the waitstaff to be finished serving and clearing before his program begins.

Handouts: Based on the needs of your event if a handout is created, it will be emailed to the meeting planner at least 10 days prior to the event for duplication and distribution to the audience.

Intellectual Property: The presentation and handouts along with any electronic material are Ram’s intellectual property. The PowerPoint presentation used during the talk may not be shared with anybody. Any presentations, handouts or documents prepared specifically for your use may not be replicated within your company or published to the public without Ram’s explicit written permission.
Audio/Video Recording: No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Ram’s prior written permission.
(You can PRINT THIS PAGE or Share This Page)